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  • When you are dealing with such issues as separation, child support, divorce prenuptial agreements or any other family law issue, you know that having a top attorney can make a big difference. As the-go-to family law attorney Volusia County, we assure you that we will provide you with a highly effective and fast legal representation that ensures that your rights as provided by the law are preserved. We will work with you throughout the way and employ tactics that have been proven to be incredibly effective.

    At The Krause Law Firm, we can offer you a superior representation in out of court negotiation or represent you in court litigation. From our many years of experience in representing clients from diverse backgrounds and social orientations, we have mastered what works and what does not. We understand how the court system work and have dealt with most of the judges in Volusia County. This puts us at a much better position to get you a fair outcome. In the course of duty, we have gained respect from judges and peers alike because of our dedication to offer excellent representation while seeking justice for our family law clients.

    The Krause Law Firm, a reputable family law attorney Volusia County will fight not only for your rights, but also for the rights of your family members. It is understood that dealing with divorce, separation, child custody or any other matter can be stressing, therefore making it critical that you let an experienced professional handle it a you run your everyday errands. We will do everything within our power to ensure that you get the best possible outcome.

    We endeavor to keep our communication lines open at all times, so you can get answers to questions that you may have. You can also be updated regularly on the progress that we are making with your case. This way, we can help our clients in Volusia County understand what we are doing on their behalf, therefore reducing the occurrence of disputes that are occasioned by lack of communication. We are results oriented and will work tirelessly to deliver results that exceed the expectations of our respected clients.

    At The Krause Law Firm, we belief that our family law clients in Volusia County deserve excellent representation at affordable rates. Our extensively experienced attorneys provide a high quality representation in the family courts of Volusia County and adjacent areas, focusing on visitation, custody, child support, protection orders and child support among others.

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