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If you are divorcing in Florida, you already know that having a skilled attorney is crucial to your long term interests. Florida divorce, child custody, and family laws can be extremely confusing and the court process in a Florida divorce can be extremely complicated. If you are unfamiliar with Florida family law, the system can be torturous. When property, wealth, and other economic interests are included, the complications only grow. Florida alimony and Florida equitable distribution divorce cases must be handled by a highly skilled attorney.

Alimony Laws Have Changed, and Will Continue to Change

contact a Longwood lawyer who has deep understanding of Florida family law, property division, alimony, and equitable distribution. Florida Alimony and Equitable Distribution Attorney Mitchel B. Krause has nearly two decades of experience protecting his clients in cases involving property division and alimony. Contact Mitch today at (407) 862-7110 for a free consultation about your family law dispute.

Alimony, equitable distribution and Florida family law require experienced Florida lawyers

When it comes to alimony and equitable division through a divorce the financial impact can be deep. Your assets are precious no matter what they may be. Even for clients who settle their divorce amicably, if the details of property division, alimony, Child support, and distribution are not thoroughly discussed, long-term consequences can result. Experienced family law attorneys in Seminole County—like Mitch—have seen countless cases in which clients tried to settle their alimony and property distribution without the help of a lawyer. This is always a mistake. contact Mitch before you choose this road.

Using his family law experience, these are some of the concerns that Mitch will address:

  • How will a business be divided and how will this effect alimony in Florida?
  • How will property—including a home—be divided after the divorce?
  • What will become of a joint retirement account?
  • What will happen to gains in investments that were established before the marriage?
  • Does infidelity influence equitable distribution in Florida?
  • Will accusations of Domestic violence have an influence on alimony?
  • Who will get the vehicles after the divorce?
  • How is debt divided after divorce?

These questions—and many more—can be addressed by your Longwood Family Law Attorney Mitchel B. Krause. Call (407) 862-7110 for a free consultation.

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