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Searching for Florida family law attorneys? You may be experiencing major challenges in your life: divorce and its accompanying emotional struggles; child custody conflicts that create major stress; Alimony and Equitable Distribution battles that require intricate knowledge of Florida family law. All of these challenges may cause economic uncertainty, significant emotional and physical strain and major legal hurdles. For all of us, these can be some of life’s most difficult challenges. You need the right Florida family law attorney on your side.

Longwood Family Law and Divorce Lawyer Mitch Krause is a skilled, highly regarded and accomplished attorney. He is also a Florida Supreme Court certified mediator. This qualification—and his more than two decades of experience as a Florida family law attorney—allow him to offer a wide variety of services to his clients. If you are divorcing in Florida, there is a very good chance that you will be ordered to attend mediation. For an explanation of the mediation process and for answers to your legal questions, contact Mitch at (407) 862-7110.

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Central Florida Family Law Attorney Mitch Krause has the resources to serve clients throughout Central Florida. If you need a lawyer in Sanford, Altamonte Springs, Winter Park, Maitland, Lake Mary, Heathrow, or anywhere in Orange or Seminole County, call (407) 862-7110 for a free consultation.

No family law case is exactly the same but Mitch has helped thousands of families through difficult legal and emotional struggles. His deep experience in Florida courts and the Florida divorce process allows him to answer all of your questions about Florida family law including the following:

How will alimony and Child support payments be determined by the court? Get help from experienced Longwood child custody attorneys and child support lawyers

  • My ex is moving far away with our children: can I do anything to stop this relocation?
  • Do we really need a lawyer to file for divorce?
  • He says he is not the father. How can I prove Paternity?
  • How can I protect my money and property through a divorce?
  • We are divorcing on good terms: why do we still need a lawyer?

Calling Florida Divorce Lawyer Mitchel B. Krause will cost you nothing. Not contacting a skilled attorney like Mitch may cost you a lot. Don’t face the uncertainties and legal complexities of a family law issue without an attorney on your side. Call for a free consultation at (407) 862-7110 to speak with experienced Longwood family law attorneys and child custody lawyers.

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