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Florida family law states that if a child’s parents were not married while their child was conceived or born, the father has no child custody or visitation rights until paternity has been established; he must show that he is the father of the child. This can be a difficult process for many reasons: antagonism between former romantic partners, confusing legal paperwork, conflicts related to Parental relocation, Child support, Custody and parenting plans and other complexities.

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You may be a father trying to assert your rights to visit your children. You may be a mother trying to get your children’s father to pay child support. You need the help of an experienced Longwood paternity lawyer who can help keep the legal details straight and who will defend your best interests. Contact Mitch Krause at (407) 862-7110 for a free consultation. Mitch offers you:

  • Rigorous legal defense for the rights of children
  • 20+ years of experience with Florida divorce law and all areas of family law
  • The skills to foster peaceful negotiations between the parties in dispute
  • Affordable legal fees

The Florida Paternity Test Process

Either party can request a Florida Paternity Test. DNA will be used to determine paternity. After the test, court decisions will be based on the findings.

  • A DNA sample can be given voluntarily or the court can force someone to offer a sample
  • The male must take a DNA test if court ordered. Typically this is a blood test or cheek swab
  • Within 5 days, the Florida Paternity Test results will be available

If paternity is established, the court will argue that both parents should be in the child’s life. Having an experienced Longwood paternity attorney to facilitate the process and the next steps can lead to a better outcome for you and your child. Call Mitch for a free consultation at (407) 862-7110.

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