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Seminole County Florida Battery Defense Attorney

Longwood Florida Attorney Mitchel B. Krause offers legal representation in a wide variety of criminal law, family law, and civil law. He has a long history of success as an attorney serving the people of Central Florida. He has been a lawyer for thousands of clients throughout Seminole County and Orange County and he knows that assault & battery and other violent crimes are particularly complex and can have extremely high stakes. Your freedom and future may be on the line if you have been charged with assault and battery in Florida. Trust your freedom and your future to a highly skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer. Call Mitch at (407) 862-7110 for a free consultation.

Assault & battery charges in Florida may also be associated with other charges: Domestic violence, Sex crimes, robbery, DUI, Drug crimes and others including juvenile crimes. Mitch has a long history of success as a defense attorney in cases involving all of these criminal charges in Florida.

A Florida bar room fight may have turned into an assault charge; you face heavy fines and jail time
You may have been in a bar fight in Orlando and been arrested for assault; you may have gotten into an argument with your romantic partner and been charged with battery; you may have been involved with violence at a Florida sporting even and been arrested; an incident with a neighbor may lead to violence. In all these cases, you will need a Florida defense attorney experienced with assault & battery cases.

Florida Battery Defense Attorney Mitch Krause may be the right choice if you are looking for a lawyer with deep experience in defending clients from assault charges in Seminole County and throughout Central Florida. Call Mitch at (407) 862-7110 for a free consultation.

Nearly two decades of experience defending Longwood clients against assault charges
Longwood Criminal Defense Attorney Mitch Krause has the experience you need on your side if you have been charged with assault. You face a complex legal system, merciless law enforcement, aggressive prosecutors and massive penalties in your Florida assault case. Don’t face these without the most aggressive, accomplished, and experienced attorney possible. Contact Mitch immediately if you have been arrested for assault anywhere in Central Florida.

Mitch will put all of his vast resources to work for you: he will fight to get your Florida assault charges reduced or the charges thrown out completely. He will make the complex Florida laws clear and will use all of his experience as a Florida defense attorney to make sure that every step of your case is clearly explained and your best options are always presented. Fight the harsh fines, possible jail time, and long-term effects on your life as you face Florida assault charges. Don’t face them alone. Call Mitch for a free consultation at (407) 862-7110.

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