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You still have rights as a parent after a divorce or separation. Mitch Krause will help you protect those rights. Whether you need help in collecting Florida child support payments, a modification including relocation, negotiating child custody and parenting plans, or even for a child custody dispute, Mitch is on your side. Call (407) 862-7110 for a free consultation.

Mitch has over twenty years of experience helping families throughout Central Florida. He has represented clients in Maitland who needed a lawyer to help them determine Paternity, a divorcing couple in Altamonte Springs, parents who were trying to determine Alimony and Equitable Distribution of assets, a family in Lake Mary trying to make modifications to their divorce settlement, and more. Mitch has helped them all, and he can help you too.

The Knowledge and Experience Your Family Deserves

Your family law worries should be trusted to a sophisticated attorney who knows when and how to be aggressive. This is particularly true when children are involved. By calling Mitch, you will get a highly regarded child support attorney. Throughout the entire negotiation of your case—from your free initial consultation to, if necessary, the courtroom—you will get personal contact with Mitch. He will always communicate with you in a straightforward way, making sure all of your questions are answered.

How does a Florida Court Determine Child Support Responsibilities?

The amount of child support that should be paid will be determined using several factors. Florida law will consider the following, when determining child support payments:

  • The monthly income for each parent
  • The number and ages of all children involved
  • Whether the children have any special medical needs
  • The visitation arrangements and parenting plan, including overnight visits

Child support arrangements must be considered in great detail. An experienced Florida family law attorney like Mitch can help negotiate reasonable payments, foresee potential problems, and make modifications if your circumstances change. Contact our Longwood child support law office to discuss your family’s options. Call (407) 862-7110 for a free consultation.

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