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If you need to terminate your marriage through a contested or uncontested divorce, you have to ensure that your rights are respected and marital property shared equitably. However, there are legal requirements that put great emphasis on vital issues that affect your divorce case; hence, you need to enlist the help of a reputable family law expert to help you get desirable results. This is where we come in to provide you with a high-quality legal representation.

At Krause Law Office, we work tirelessly to represent our clients in Apopka, Florida, and adjacent areas. This ensures that your current and future family law needs are well taken care of. We deal with such issues as legal separation, divorce, domestic violence, visitation and child custody, child support, adoptions, spousal seaport, equitable distributions, and many more. We have dealt with every issue of family law practice and can assure you of the best outcome of your case.

Our team of family lawyers helps to provide you with a new start after your divorce or legal separation. We battle in the courts to ensure that you have a fair playing field with your partner and ensure that you receive a fair share of support and marital assets that you require that you take your life forward.

In case you have children, we work to ensure that we create visitation arrangements and custody that are not only fair but also in the best interest of the child. We also make sure that the education and childcare expenses of the child are offered. By providing you the opportunity to continue with your everyday chores as we handle your case, we can help build a bright future for you and your dependents.

Our experience in dealing with family law issues spans over many years, but our mission remains the same-to provide our clients with personalized attention and the respect that they deserve. This way, they are able to go over the hurdles that life has brought their way. At Krause Law Office, we understand that you deserve to work with an attorney who is always there for you. By working with us, you can rest assured that your problems can be resolved, your phone calls answered, and kept informed throughout the entire process. We are knowledgeable and personable and nothing comes before the needs of our esteemed clients.

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