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Experience Representing Both Sides in Civil Suits

“Most people don’t know what “civil law” means. Generally speaking, it means a lawsuit. For example, you are being sued by your credit card company because you owe them money. Or you want to sue your contractor because they didn’t honor the contract. Somebody stole or took something from you and you have to sue them to get it back.

I have represented both sides, in civil suits. I represent homeowners and small business owners seeking to collect for damages, and I also defend cases like that.”

Civil litigation

Mitch has extensive experience representing clients in various civil matters, including—

Mortgage foreclosures: Do you want to fight a foreclosure? Stay in the house as long as possible? Have you been named as a defendant in someone else’s foreclosure proceedings? There are a number of ways you can become tangled up in a foreclosure. This is not the time to try to represent yourself.

Evictions: Florida law dictates the paths to eviction to which a landlord must adhere, and which a tenant should know. Most landlords develop a relationship of trust with an attorney who can reduce risk and protect their interests.
Contract disputes: A good general rule of thumb is: don’t talk to their lawyer. Have your lawyer talk to their lawyer. Disputes are going to arise. Don’t take an ad-hoc approach. Develop a relationship of trust with your lawyer, so together, you can resolve disputes quickly and efficiently.

Business disputes: Business ownership with partners, problems with competitors or suppliers, business succession decisions — these headaches and many more call for the input of your attorney.
Landlord/tenant disputes: Many of these can come to a swift and equitable resolution without escalating — and that is always the goal. But you never know which detail the problem will pivot on. Get Mitch on your side.
Employment disputes: As an employer, you may be large enough to come under most state and federal laws, but yet be too small to have your own HR staff to ensure compliance. If so, you are exposed. As an employee, when a workplace matter threatens your ability to support your family, you need trustworthy and honest advice. Whatever your unique concerns may be, Mitch works diligently to help you resolve such matters.

Wills and estates

You have worked hard to acquire your property, assets, and possessions. That is why it is important that you—not the state of Florida—decide how to pass your wealth and possessions to your children, grandchildren, and other loved ones when the time comes.

Mitch helps you plan your estate and write your will to ensure that your intended heirs get exactly what you wish to leave them and avoid any delay in distribution. He takes the time to fully explain possible trusts that can reduce estate taxes, how to protect your assets from creditors of the beneficiaries, how to make proper investments and manage your assets, and reduce income taxes under certain circumstances.


If others owe you or your business money, Mitch can help collect the money for you. He demands payment on your behalf and let parties know that he will file legal proceedings if the money is not paid. He negotiates payment plans and workouts. If necessary, he files lawsuits and represents you in court.

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