Expungement Attorney Seminole County Florida We can Help you Erase or Seal your Criminal Record

If you are merely arrested in Florida, that arrest record — even without formal charges — can follow you around and silently damage your future prospects. As records have become more computerized, there is a growing awareness of the unfairness of this. Florida has provided a legal process for erasing certain records. Expungement means that your record will be sealed. If your record is expunged, very few people will ever have the right to view your record. You will never need to admit your arrest to anyone else. An expunged record can only be viewed for the following reasons:

  • You apply for a job in law enforcement.You apply for a job involving direct contact with children.
  • Nearly everyone else will be unaware of your arrest if your record has been expunged.

If you would like answers to your questions about expungment—including which Florida laws are eligible for it—and you want a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense and expungment lawyer, contact Mitchel B. Krause in Longwood for a defense lawyer anywhere in Seminole County or Orange County. Call Mitch at (407) 862-7110.

A Dismissed Charge Can Affect Your Whole Life

“The internet drives most expungement cases. It seems that you can find out anything, about anyone, online. All the public records are available online. This exposure affects your whole life — whether someone will rent to you or not, your credit, your ability to get a job. It affects whether you are able to volunteer at your child’s school – that arrest record can affect everything.
If you had a charge that was dismissed long ago, the charge is still there, and just seeing the charge is enough for many decision-makers. Then you have to try to convince your employer that no, I wasn’t convicted of armed robbery. I got arrested, it was dismissed — it was a misidentification. You see how you might not be able to convince them of that. Expungement is an intricate process, and you’ve got to make sure it’s done correctly, to make sure the records are all sealed, destroyed. It is a complicated process, but we do it all the time.”

We Can help Seal Juvenile Crime Records

Has a wild kid ever grown up to become a responsible adult? Mitch has extensive experience in all areas of criminal law including Juvenile law. He will be able to explain the complexities of Florida criminal law and work to get juvenile charges reduced or your case thrown out. By dissecting all the details of your case, an experienced criminal defense attorney—like Mitch—can see what mistakes were made by Florida police. He can see the holes in the Seminole County prosecutor’s case. Mitch was a prosecutor himself. He uses that experience to fight for his clients’ rights. He will fight for yours and protect your freedom aggressively.

Getting your record expunged requires a criminal defense attorney with deep knowledge of the Florida criminal court system. If you have been arrested for any criminal charge—DUI, Domestic violence, assault, Drug crimes, Sex crimes—contact Mitch to discuss your case with a highly accomplished and deeply experienced Florida criminal defense attorney with a prosecutor’s background. Call (407) 862-7110 for a free consultation to discuss how you can get your criminal record sealed or expunged.

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