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Florida Family Law Attorney Mitchel B. Krause is an experienced and compassionate legal resource for Seminole and Orange County. Parents going through a divorce need such an attorney on their side. You want what is best for your children and you know that having a relationship with your former partner will be, most likely, necessary. Regardless of how challenging the break-up, as parents, you may always need to maintain a relationship of some sort. If you have questions about child custody, parenting plans, and visitation rights in Florida, contact Mitch at (407) 862-7110 for a free consultation to discuss all of our child custody, Child support, and family law concerns.

Having an experienced Longwood child custody attorney guide you through negotiations involving custody and parenting plans can help keep the discussion civil and create a long-term agreement that weighs all the complexities of parenting and Florida family law.

Even uncontested divorce cases can lead to conflict involving child custody, visitation, and parenting plans

Mitch has been a family law attorney in Longwood for almost two decades. During that time, he has helped thousands of families with their child custody and visitation negotiations in Florida. If you need a Maitland, Sanford, Lake Mary, Heathrow or Longwood child custody lawyer, Mitch Krause offers comprehensive legal representation to all of Central Florida. Mitch will guide you and your family through the legal complexities of family law and child custody negotiations in Florida. You will be in a better position to achieve what is best for you and your children with Mitch on your side.

You may be able to settle your divorce and negotiate a parenting plan and child custody arrangements without an attorney. However, an experienced lawyer knows that even in divorce and custody case where there seems to be no conflict, problems can arise.

  • How often will each parent see the children?
  • Who will have the children on holidays?
  • Who will pay tuition and who will take children to school and who will pick them up?
  • How many nights per year will the children spend the night?
  • Who will have the children on their birthdays?

The conflicts can become more intense when parental relocation anddivorce modification becomes an issue. With accomplished Longwood child custody lawyers on your side, you will get the guidance and advice you need from the start. (407) 862-7110.

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