Central Florida Juvenile Law AttorneyMitch Krause Defends Juveniles Charged with Crimes

Juvenile criminal law cases require a defense attorney with particular skills and a background in Florida’s juvenile laws. Criminal Defense Attorney Mitchel B. Krause has been defending juveniles in Seminole and Orange County for nearly twenty years. He has assisted juvenile clients in Maitland who were arrested for assault; he has represented Lake Mary clients arrested for minor in possession of alcohol; he has defended juvenile clients from Sanford arrested for theft and marijuana possession.

Throughout Central Florida, Mitch has been the defense attorney for countless clients in juvenile court. If you want that kind of experience on your side during a Florida juvenile criminal case, call Mitch at (407) 862-7110 for a free and confidential consultation.

A Defense Attorney with Background as a Prosecutor

Mitch has deep connections to the Seminole County and Orange County communities. His previous experience as a prosecutor has allowed him to see Florida law from both sides of the courtroom. The relationships that he has cultivated with judges, prosecutors, and Florida law enforcement officials over the last twenty years in Florida juvenile court will serve you well. He is a highly skilled attorney who also knows the Florida juvenile court system as well as any criminal defense attorney in Florida.

Covering All Types of Juvenile Cases

In juvenile cases I mostly handle dependency and delinquency. Examples of dependency cases include child abuse, child neglect, abandonment, and also situations where the child has been taken from the parents. We seek to get the child reunited with the parents as quickly as we can. The other side of juvenile cases are delinquency charges, which are crimes committed by juveniles. I do a lot of juvenile cases of both types.

Juvenile charges are the same as adult charges, but they are tried in juvenile court because the defendant is under 18. Typical charges are possession, sex crimes, battery (often battery on their own parents), trespassing, burglaries, breaking into homes, cars, and thefts.”

If you have been arrested on any of the following charges, or fear that you may be arrested, contact your Central Florida defense attorney at (407) 862-7110:

Assault: Did you realize that words can be assault, in Florida? Assault includes intentional threats, words, or actions that cause a person to feel afraid of impending violence. It’s not only what you say, but how you say it. Your child can face jail time for these kinds of actions.

Underage DUI: Consuming alcohol by anyone under 21 is illegal in Florida (no exceptions). When someone under 21 is intoxicated and causes an accident, the penalties are harsher. The impact of these penalties can be lifelong. You need an attorney.

  • Theft
  • Armed robbery
  • Vandalism
  • Criminal mischief
  • Drug possession
  • Prescription drug fraud

If you face any criminal charges in Seminole or Orange County, Mitch can help defend your rights and protect your future. He can also discuss getting your criminal record sealed or expunged.

Protect Your Future from a Juvenile Crime Conviction

You may face jail time if you are convicted of a juvenile crime. You may lose your driver’s license. You may face massive fines. Certain jobs, student loans, scholarships, internships, and a host of other opportunities may be lost if convicted of a juvenile crime in Central Florida. Don’t face the consequences without a skilled juvenile criminal defense attorney on your side. Call Mitch (407) 862-7110.

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