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A divorced Central Florida parent who wants to move their child more than fifty miles away from their present location is required to file the appropriate request in Florida court. If you are wanting to stop a relocation, you have the right to challenge it. An experienced Longwooddivorce attorney and child custody lawyer focused on family law can help. Seminole County relocation lawyer Mitch Krause has deep experience in all areas of Florida family law, including custody, relocation, and visitation issues.

Whether you want to move with your children or protest a move, Mitch can help you through the process, and will fight to protect your family’s best interests. Contact the Law Office of Mitchel B. Krause for a free consultation with your Longwood relocation attorney: (407) 862-7110.

How can I relocate my children under Florida law after a divorce?

The court will need to know several details of your situation in order to determine if you qualify for relocation:

  • How far away do you want to move? If you want to move out of Florida or more than 50 miles from your current location, you must first negotiate relocation with the other parent.
  • What percentage of the time do you have child custody? Knowing who has the child or children the majority of the time can help the court determine relocation permission.
  • Why will you be moving? You will also be asked to justify the reason for the relocation, and you may also need to negotiate a post-divorcemodification. This may change your Child support agreement, as well as alimony / spousal support. Details of parental visitation may also need to be negotiated with the help of an experienced relocation lawyer.

Contact Longwood Family Law Attorney Mitchel B. Krause for answers to all of your questions.

I want to argue against my children being relocated out of Lake Mary

If your former partner wants to move your children, they must first seek your approval. They must justify not only that they are not moving the children simply to spite you, but also that they are moving the children for justifiable reasons, and that a move is in the children’s best interests. If you want to argue against this relocation, Attorney Mitchel B. Krause will help you defend your rights as a parent. Call (407) 862-7110 for a free consultation with an experienced Longwood relocation attorney.

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