Sanford, FL residents who face imminent divorce, separation or who are faced with other family law issues know the magnitude of anxiety, frustration and depression that this can bring to their lives. This underscores the need to seek the help of top family law attorneys Sanford, FL. At Kraus Law Office, we have helped thousands of families deal with varied family law issues such as estate planning, divorce, child support, spousal support, prenuptial agreements and property among others.

At Kraus Law Office, we know that while getting married is a source of immense happiness, parting ways can be a huge pain and nightmare, especially in a contested and complex divorce that involve property and millions of shillings worth of marital investments. There will be a lot at stake and we will work towards ensuring that your legal rights are upheld.

You spouse may harass, intimidate and abuse you for the entire divorce process, which can make it incredibly hard for you. By working with us, we can help you create a level playing ground, protect your rights and ensure that you get a fair settlement. We have a wealth of experience battling out with opposing counsels, working with judges and other actors in the family law courts to ensure that those we represent receive a fair outcome.

We are courteous and compassionate and will use our experience and tact to arrive at amicable solution between divorcing parties. By getting the parties to agree, we will be able to avoid litigation. However, if need be, we will be aggressive to protect the legal rights of our clients and ensure that they get whatever is legally theirs.

While trying our best to meet the requirements of our clients, Kraus Law Office strives to offer customized counsel. We tailor our legal solutions according to the needs of the clients that walk through our doors. We endeavor to understand our client’s concerns and their unique requirements before constructing legal solutions that match their requirements. The family law solutions that we offer address both current and foreseeable future needs.

At Kraus Law Office, our dedication and relationship with our clients does not end when the case closes. We often look for creative ways to stay in touch with our clients, and inform them of changes in laws that may affect them directly or indirectly.

We encourage you to call us and learn how we can help you through your moments of hardship.

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