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      If you are looking for a Florida attorney with extensive experience in family law and criminal defense, look no further than Mitchel B. Krause. He can offer you the legal representation you need. Whatever challenge you are facing, you need an experienced and diligent attorney on your side to help you with the extremely complex Florida legal system. Facing everything alone can not only increase your personal stress, but can have dire implications for your case.

      Whether your case involves family law, civil law, or criminal law including juvenile crime, an accomplished attorney will help ease the challenges you are confronting. Mitch will offer personal attention to each step of your case and will work hard to earn your trust. Your case will never be handed off to a paralegal or less experienced attorney. Mitch will be on your side from the start of your case until its conclusion. You can have confidence that your case is being handled by an accomplished and skilled attorney with years of experience in Florida law.

      Honesty and Complete Confidentiality

      “What is the responsibility of my client? They have to tell me the truth; they must not hide details from me because then I’m not able to help them effectively. They have a responsibility to go over what happened, and what the case is going to be from the state’s perspective. They ultimately control what I do and in what areas. The direction that we go is my clients call. They tell me, “This is the course I want to take.” I advise them and they choose how we proceed. I figure out how to accomplish their goals.”

      For more than 20 years, Florida Lawyer Mitch Krause has been the source that the people of Florida turn to when they need an experienced attorney. Whether you need legal help in Longwood, Sanford, Altamonte Springs or anywhere in Seminole County or Central Florida, Mitch has the experience, dedication, and legal resources to represent you.

      What Makes Mitch Krause Stand Out?

      “My experience and the work that I’ve done, my commitment to ensuring that my client will get the best result that we can do for them. That’s really the heart of the issue for me.

      On the criminal law side, my clients have told me, ‘I was being railroaded. You saved me from a really bad outcome.’ On the family law side, clients come back years later and say, ‘Everything worked out great. You ensured that I had contact with my child and was able to see them. We’ve developed a relationship we wouldn’t have had otherwise.’ Or, ‘You protected me, you protected my child from contact that was harmful to them.'”

      20 Years’ Experience with Florida Divorce

      Mitchel has been a family law attorney in Longwood for two decades. No matter the complexity of your case, he has the background to help. If you need legal representation—or you merely need some questions answered—related to divorce, child custody, divorce modification or any other area of family law, Mitch has the background to help.

      Looking for an experienced family law attorneys in Seminole or Orange County? Contact the Law Office of Mitchel B. Krause at (407) 862-7110 for a free consultation.

      Former Prosecutor Who Knows Both Sides of a Case

      “I was a prosecutor for two years – prosecuting a wide range of misdemeanors and felonies. This background is extremely important. Having been the person to put together a case, and what was needed to get a conviction, I can now ask how would a prosecutor look at this, and how can I lessen the impact of the evidence that the prosecutor is going to bring? A prosecutor has the burden – they have to convince the jury that these events occurred. As a former prosecutor, I know what they are going to look at and what’s going to be important to them — the things that will hurt us, and what we need to emphasize to reduce the prosecutor’s ability to convince the jury that my client committed a crime.”

      Representing Seminole County, Orange County and all of Central Florida

      The family law system is extremely complex and the stakes involved are often very high. The criminal court system is even more so. If you have been accused of DUI, drug charges, or a sex crime in Florida, you need a criminal defense attorney who is used to dealing with such high-staked cases, and who will dig for the important details of yours. Mitchel B. Krause is just such an attorney, whether you are needing representation for a criminal case, or a fairly simple family law matter.

      Call Longwood divorce lawyer and criminal law attorney Mitch Krause, for legal representation based on years of experience. Talk directly with your experienced Florida family law, criminal defense, and civil law lawyer at (407) 862-7110. Free consultation.